Governing schools. Conference to be held on 23 October 2014


Since 2010 there has been rapid growth in the number of academies and free schools to open in England, with as many as 2,481 academies (DfE 2013) and 569 academy sponsors (GUK 2014) in operation today. Unfortunately the transfer of power and ownership from central government to schools and trusts does not guarantee an improved system for monitoring and delivering public services, nor does it guarantee improved accountability or transparency. Schools are expected to embody practices of ‘good governance’ by utilizing the skills and expertise of professionals who can help shape high-risk decisions about finance, curriculum, standards, human resources, premises and student welfare. The spotlight is now firmly on school governors and their capacity and willingness to enhance accountability to the funders (DfE, EFA), the regulatory body (Ofsted) and to parents.

A conference will be held on 23 October 2014 (12-4pm) to discuss the above issues by drawing on new…

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Author: Dr Jacqueline Baxter

I am Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at The Open University Business School - Department of Public Leadership and Social Enterprise. My interests lie in the areas of trust and accountability in the public services , with a particular interest in education.

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