Recent Publications

Book Chapters

Baxter, J., Lawn, M., Segerholm, C., & Grek, S. (forthcoming). Inspection and the local. In S. Grek & J. Lindengren (Eds.), Governing by inspection: embodied regulation. London: Symposium.

Baxter, J., Rönnberg, L., & Ozga, J. (forthcoming). Inspection in the Media. In S. Grek & J. Lindengren (Eds.), Governing by Inspection: Embodied Regulation. London: Symposium Books

Baxter, J., & Segerholm, C. (forthcoming). Shifting Frameworks: shifting Criteria. In S. Grek & J. Lindgren (Eds.), Governing by Inspection: embodied regulation Oxford. : Symposium Books

Journal Articles

Baxter, J. (2013a). Bridging the gap: the role of the media in school inspection. Forthcoming

Baxter, J. (2013b). The Power to persuade: iterations of Ofsted’s media strategy 1992- 2013. Forthcoming.

Baxter, J. (2014b). Ofsted in the Media: the relationship between education inspection, education policy and education in the media. . forthcoming

Baxter, J., & Hult, A. (2014). School inspectors in Sweden and England: the impact of policy on practices. .In revision for The Journal of Education Policy

Baxter, J. (2014). Public Service Professional identities: the case of pre-16 teaching and Higher Education in England; challenges and opportunities. Under review Cambridge Journal of Education

Baxter, J. (2014c). Regulatory policies: the shifting objectives of school governor accountablity under review  for The Journal of Education Policy

Baxter, J. (2014d). Shifting criteria : using critical discourse analysis to analyse the strategies used to frame major policy change and shifting notions of excellence in education.  under review For BERJ

Clarke, J., & Baxter, J. (2014). Satisfactory Progress? Keywords in English School Inspection.Accepted Education Inquiry.


Baxter.J., & Haycock, J. (2014). Roles and student identities in online large course forums: implications for practice. International Review of Open and Distance Learning, Forthcoming – accepted March 2014 volume. In press


Baxter, J., & Clarke, J. (2014). Knowledge, Authority and Judgement: the changing practices of School Inspection in England. Sisyphus Special Issue (Special Issue of Sisyphus: Frameworks of Regulation: Evidence, Knowledge and Judgement in Inspection forthcoming March 2014 in press

Baxter, J. (2014a). An independent inspectorate? Addressing the paradoxes of educational inspection in 2013. School Leadership and Management Print version – April 2014.

Baxter, J., & Clarke, J. (2013). Farewell to the Tickbox Inspector ?Ofsted and the changing regime of school inspection in England. Oxford Review of Education 39(5), 702-718.

Baxter, J., & Wise, C. (2013). Federation governing: translation or transformation ? Management in Education: special issue Governing and Governance 27(3), 106-111.

Baxter, J. A. (2013a). Professional inspector or inspecting professional? Teachers as inspectors in a new regulatory regime for education in England. Cambridge Journal of Education, 43(4), 467-485.

Ozga, J., Baxter, J., Clarke, J., Grek, S., & Lawn, M. (2013). The Politics of Educational Change: Governance and School Inspection in England and Scotland Swiss Journal of Sociology, 39(2), 37-55.


Baxter (2012) Who am I and What Keeps Me Going? Profiling the distance learning student in higher education International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning : Volume 13, No.4: 107-129: online at:

Baxter (2012) The Impact of Professional Learning on the Online Teaching Identities of Higher Education Lecturers. European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, Volume 11: online at:


Baxter, J. (2011a). An investigation into the role of professional learning on the online teaching identities of Higher Education Lecturers Doctorate in Education The Open University UK, Milton Keynes.Retrieved from

Baxter, J. (2011b). Public Sector Professional identities: etiolation or evolution; a review of the literature. Retrieved from

Baxter, J. (2010) Bien dans Sa Peau; the role of professional learning in the development of online teaching identities of part time HE Lecturers. Paper presented at the 2010 Academic Identities for the 21st Century Conference. ISBN 978-0-947649-72-72

Baxer, J., Daniels, H., Haughton, J., Gaskell, A., Macdonald, J., Mcdonnell, E., McQueen, B., Pagis, Z., Parsons, R. and Rasheed, L. (2008). Teaching and learning at the Open University, a guide for Associate Lecturers. Milton Keynes. Open University Press: ISBN 978-0-7492-1271-1

Conferences (Forthcoming)

BELMAS 2014: Taking the conversations public: School Leaders’ perceptions of social media as a policy influence. (Accepted)

ECER: 2014: The policy media interface in Education: framing, naming and shaming a case of the English inspectorate. (Accepted)

Author: Professor Dr Jacqueline Baxter

I am Professor of Public Policy and Management at The Open University Business School - Department of Public Leadership and Social Enterprise and Chair on the MBA programme. My interests lie in the areas of education leadership, management and accountablity and the digital teaching of business and law.

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